Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I am a big fan of the vote.
I think everyone should exercise their right to vote. If we forget to vote, or just don't care to vote, think what could happen!
I made sure I registered to vote when I moved to this new state of mine.
Now, who to vote for...
It doesn't matter if I am republican or democrat because....
all I hear is he/she did this or that...
He/She moved here 2 months ago to run fo office
I want to do this or that...
Someone tell me how you want to cut taxes, save Seniors money on their drugs, support the middle man...
Tellme your plan man!!!
Let me judge you on that and if I think you can do it or not.
Does your plan sound feezable? THAT should be my choice..
Hell I can say I want to do something all day and never do it..Doesn't make me honest or an achiever..
Oh and let me close with:
I am redhead, and I paid for this ramble.

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