Thursday, September 09, 2004

Friday - Friday

Friday R and R went golfing early in the AM. T, E and I had planned to have breakfast so we went the back roads to Assboro (Asheboro) so they could see the Uwharrie Mountians. Pretty road, beautiful drive. J slept in, she isn't a morning person anyway, but was especially tired after the drive up from A on Thursday, then being up late going to the Airport to get E.
We went to I-HOP. I know, there are I-HOPS everywhere, but Assboro lacks for quaint eating establishments. We had a fine breakfast of the "Friday Special for 3.99". I had heard of a cool antique shop in downtown assboro and so after eating our fine I-HOP fare, we wandered over.
Can I say an OMG it was to die for!!! I will be going back. Back in Texas the term "Antique Store" has turned into more of a junk shop. I guess all of the good antiques are sold and that is all that is left. Anyway, I degress...
This shop was pack full of stuff! It was set up for people to rent spaces and rent they did. I don't think there was an empty spot in the place. The shop is in an old 2 story building and the mini-shops fill both floors. Everytime we thought we where almost thru, we would round another corner and a new room filled with things to see would appear. The most unique thing I think we saw was an antique jugglers case complete with wooden pins, wooden rings and hatchets! We just hit the high spots in there and spent a good 2.5 hours.
The caterers called and wanted to come set up the tent, so much to my dismay, we finished up and headed home.
The caterers arrived and set up the tent saying they would return Monday to take it down. Cool!! Think I am not getting my moneys worth out of this puppy you are wrong!
R and R where back from golfing and they set up out tent for the caterers to serve under.
Then R and I did our cooking for dinner that night. Rehersal was at the house of course and family would be there for dinner, 17 in all. Now I haven't cooked for that many in quite a few years and kept second guessing how much to fix. I fixed 2 sheet cakes as I was unsure who would eat dessert etc..
Oh and how about a taste test results..I made a yellow BC cake with Chocolate icing and a Devils Food (Plsbry) cake with white icing. The Devils food cake was dry, dry, dry. I will never buy Plsbry cake mix again!!! Just thought I would pass that on to you.
Everyone got there about 6:30, we ate first to appease the crowds and then started rehersal. It was too funny! I LMAO.. I think the preacher was getting rather nervous at all the families antics and wondering 1) what had he gotten himself into and 2) where we going to act that way tomorrow?? We ran thru our paces twice, the preacher said we had it down, (that or he just wanted to leave), and we visited and joked till about 10:30. Good times where had by all!
Tomorrow – Wedding Day!

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