Thursday, October 28, 2004

Funerals and Preachin'

I went to a funeral last weekend. Won't say who, but...
funeral started at 2. cool.
they started with playing two songs sort of blue-grassy. cool
then the preacher got up. Said a word or 2 about the deceased, then proceeded for the next HOUR to yell at us, stomp his feet, clap his hands, slap the pulpit all the while preaching .. no yelling to us how we are going to hell if we drink, (insert his personal story here), Need to be saved (insert his personal story here), make a comment about people looking at their watches,
2 more personal stories here, etc.
for an hour.
he sat down.
THEN they play 2 more songs.
in the songs yells "are you saved?" and "Amen" repeatedly.
Like anyone I know is going to go to the front during a funeral, stand by the coffin, and say "Save me!"
I thought funerals where for the living.
to honor the dead.
and be inspirational to the greiving family at this trying time.
I guess I am wrong huh.

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