Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Free is a four letter word

A good four letter word.
a LONG time ago... like in several months, when I first moved here I was shopping around for a radio station. Some of the people at work listened to WMAG 99.5 so I checked out their web site and registed for win "Lunch with Ron Davis", their mid day DJ, from Baja Fresh.
Well they called me last Thursday and told me I had won a lunch with Rod Davis for myself and up to 10 co-workers. They would be out
Yeah for me!
So I decided to invite people I work with on a day to day basis. Several asked, in sort of a reverse question, "Ron Davis isn't coming is he?".
"I don't know but I guess so. I am pretty sure that is why they call it lunch with Ron Davis"
It all turned out well 'cept no Ron Davis. He had car trouble or something..just my luck.
But either way we got food.
Good Food.
Lot's of food.
Food enough for dinner tonight.
and it was


say free for me sister in your special way!

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