Monday, April 25, 2005

San Francisco day 3

WORK WORK WORK damn it!!!

Oh yeah, that is what I came out here for...LOL

Monday was a day of leg soreness and meeting the customer..the local manager showed us a few neat streets and kinda cool things while we went from each Customer's office here to another there.
Monday night we went to Kincaids for dinner. Posh place, great atmosphere..not so hot dinner, dessert was good!
I got a few neat sunset at the marina those later...

Today I continue to share the pics of Sundays adventure..

Check out the trip to Coit Tower, which has a great panoramic view of the bay!

For best results, use the slide show feature when you get to the picture page, upper right corner!

Disclaimer: Time shown as post isn't always time in San Fran... not sure why.

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