Saturday, April 02, 2005

The cat's away...

The mice will play!

And as for me I love it!
It all started on Friday..

Wicker and the morning show, Jeff, AJ, Neil and Skip, revolted. (Well Neil at first wasn't to hip on the idea, but anyhow, he soon jumped into the groove and started requeating his own songs.)
A bit of rebellion, damn the man, attitude took over as Skip the prize guy wanted to hear Wild Cherry, Play that Funky Music. It isn't on the playlist and was quickly "nipped in the bud". Until the listeners started calling in reguesting it.
That was it.
Listeners started e-mailing and calling in their requested songs, myself included. So Since 6 AM Friday morning, the Morning Show has been playing our requests. Some of the best, most diverse range of music I have heard since I left Texas.
OK most diverse is a wee bit exagerated....
I listened to the radio all day yesterday until, exhausted, I went to bed. I hated to turn it off. But much to my excitement, I got up this AM and they are still at it!

It's a great day for radio..

And I think a great idea for a radio station format.
I know they spend hundreds of thousands on surveys etc. to see what we "supposedly" want to hear. But they have never once asked me!

This should tell all the radio execs something..

Damn the Man!

Gotta go they are playing my song....


go listen and then e-mail their boss ( so they don't get the axe!

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