Sunday, April 24, 2005

San Fran Day 2

I am busted arse tired! We both started the day with headaches, unsure why, but...
We decided to start in the Haight Ashbury district known for it's unique and vintage clothing. Boy, if I was younger and skinner could I have dropped some bucks!
We walked up and down Haight Street perusing in and out of the shops. I picked up a bohemian shirt I have been wanting for $10 along with another couple of things. We had brunch in the Peoples Cafe. Most of the restaurants had stand outside waiting as they are rather small. Kinda like in New York. We ended up sharing a table with another young dude. college age, trying to study, but sitting at a table for 4...
I am sure he was thrilled with our "catching up" conversation. YOu could kinda tell he wanted to ignore us, but was kinda enjoying listening in. Oh and I missed the really great deal on a purse that I SOOO could have redone into such a cool one..
Oh well
Then we went to union square and walked up through Chinatown, up to Coit Tower, then back down through little Italy and Nob Hill. That sounded really quick but let me tell you it wasn't. My legs are telling me that now and I am sure will be tomorrow. The walk up to Coit Tower was excrutiating but oh so worth the pain. (I thought I was going to throw up going up the steep street!)
'bout that time it was time for dinner and let me tell you this is where the comparision to New York stops...
The streets start rolling up at 5 PM.
So we ended up heading back to the hotel looking for places to eat off the highway. There is NOTHING off the highway.
SO we ended up at a quaint little place up by the hotel, had a beer and some food.
Now I am back at the room to tired to upload all my pics from today..
Here are the few I did of Height Ashbury.

More pics later....

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