Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We're Back!


We are back all safe and sound. Which unfortunately I can't say for the some of the people in the gulf states. What a tragic thing to happen! That is about all the Canadians watched on TV every where we went, and we kept getting asked why it was taking so long to get aid there. What do you say?!?!?!

(Personal opinion I think the FEMA dude should find new employment that does not require any form of human interaction). Check this out also..
Not that I think he is the only one either...he just pissed me off the most on TV, although a few others where close behind. Some of the others include reporters...

The Hub and I took lots of pics and I hope to post some soon. Here is one that I plan on using as a wall paper. It is of White's Cove at the northern tip of Nova Scotia.

Thanks Sissy for hosting while I was gone! Love Ya Man!

More soon!


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