Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday's Tantrum

Cell Phones

Gotta love 'em, gotta hate 'em!

For some of us, the cell phone is our link to friends and family. A modern person's replacement to the corded set most of us grew up with. The security of having it with you almost all the time for all those Justin Cases. The voice message system is the 2K's upgrade to the 1980 and 90's answering machines.
Used exactly what it is there for. To answer if you can't.

To others, the cell phone is an all empowering electronic marvel upon which they live for it's every ring. And answer it's every ring.
On the bus,
in the park,
at the mall,
at dinner,

Just what is all that about? You DO have voice mail you know.
It never fails that I get in front of the person who is emotionally connected to their phone while on my way to work. They also are apparently afraid of using the headset. (I guess they miss those cancer causing vibes against their ear.)
Therefore, they...

imagine this now....


They go slow, they turn with no warning, they speed up, they slow down, wander into other lanes then jerk back, they glance at you in their rear view mirror, hoping you didn't notice.

We can be sitting in a nice restaurant, someone's cell goes off and you'd think they where spastic by the way they react. Searching for the phone in their pocket or purse, hoping to find it before that dreaded 4th ring.
getting that stressed look on their face. Then relief.
Ah ha, there it is.
WHEW! That was close.
You have to listen to their conversation while you eat. I don't want to listen to your one sided conversation go on and on while I am trying to enjoy my dinner. Especially if you are at my table.
My Momma taught me that doing that was R.U.D.E.
Whatever happened to asking the person on the other end of your call if it is important.
A) If your caller says yes, step away from your fellow diners and talk to them.
B) If it isn't, simply state, "I am eating right now with my family, lover, friends, co-workers a bunch of assholes (pick one or insert one of your choice), Can I call you back when I am done?"

That was news breaking!

In breaks the evening news anchor:

"Diner finishes meal with family. Asks caller to call back later. News at 11"

Fade to black

And man, If I am talking to you the last thing I want to hear is that you are in the bathroom.
That's just gross.

Cell phones can be just a wee bit to convenient.

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