Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Moth Ball

So it all started with my sister inviting the hub and I to go to The Moth Ball with her.

Never heard of it? Click here!
It's but on by this group for a really good fund raiser..

You see she was last years Moth Ball Queen and wanted us to share in the honor and glory of her passing the crown on to the new queen.
So it has always sounded like fun so we thought what the heck! Part of the fun is dressing in the ball theme. This year is James Bond. So the hub, who already has a great shiny head, which I think is rather sexy, is going as Earnst Blofeld.

I don't want to get everyone all stirred up by going half naked like a Bond Girl, So I chose a long, slimming Black Dress with Opera gloves, and a long satin neck scarf sot of a 60's classic.
What's that? They are having a table decorating contest?

Count me in!

I am basing my design on this pic..

I rounded up some high dollar quality materials (old lamp, candle, cardboard, black spray paint and the ever popular hot glue gun)
To get to this:

OK so I am no set designer and the back ground doesn't help any! LOL And my Bond Girls Boobs are bigger..go figure..
And let me not forget the highest priced item of all.........................
The Dog Trainer Collar. you know the one, that conical one that a dog wears when it wants to bite or lick itself to much..AND it came in clear plastic! WAH LAA the bowl of the martini glass!
I have painted a Barbie gold, got tarot cards, gaming cards, dice, pics of all 5 bonds, the golden gun, a mini BMW, glitter and gold to scatter around the base of my centerpiece.

I can't wait to see the hubs face when he opens up his tarp to paint again!

OHH!!! (see me deny deny deny!) And yes that is the golden barbie at the bottom.
Did I say the Moth Ball is Saturday? Did I say that tonight my sister and her friend talked me into entering the Math Ball Queen Contest

More on that to come!

Keeping ya posted!

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