Monday, September 12, 2005

SO, how was your weekend?

Mine envolved drills, drill wounds ( I drilled his finger), ambulances, a trip to the hospital. (The hub had shortness of breath, was light-headed and tightness in the chest. Turns out to be a reaction to me drilling his finger.)

The Doc told me I could come into the room as long as I wasn't armed with a drill.
The hub laughed.
I said "Not Funny!"
We where trying to fix the ceiling vent you can see at the back of the picture. We were not done when I drilled him.
After getting done at the hospital, the hub wanted to get back up there and finish, much to my disagreement.

So the hub got BACK in the attic and we did manage to finish. On his way back out of the attic, he stepped through the ceiling.
I screamed.
Just knew we where making a 2nd call to 911.
I should have got a picture of the mess. Now I have a redneck ceiling! Another use for duck tape.

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