Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday is for a Bit O'Family History

This was my Great Grandfathers first wife Laura. These are his first 3 children, from left, Lula L., John Brackenridge (baby), and Johnie Suiter Yarbrough. Laura passed away in Iowa Park Texas in 1905 so this picture is about 1904 to 1905. I am not sure what she passed away of, but it caused a family riff and my grandfather seperated from his family. This is my brick wall in my family genealogy and has been for years. The back of the picture has to Mr. Bud Blair wife from D T Yarbrough wife and children.
I think she was very pretty for the times she lived. Know any Yarbroughs or Blairs?

My great grandfather remarried to Nannie Mae Bazzell July 3rd, 1915. They has 3 children, Leona Mae(my grandmother), Woodrow Wilson and Charlie Yarbrough. She passed way in 1920. He never remarried again. Trying to raise 3 children and hold a job was hard for my great grandfather. The youngest child Charlie was taken by the older couple, The Reynolds, that had been helping him tend to the kids. My grandmother used to tell of her brothers and herself being tied to the clothes line to play. (all in keeping them contained you see)On the day Charlie was taken, they where tied to the clothes line and the Reynolds took off with Charlie. That would have been about 1921 or 1922. She did not find her brother again until the late 50's. But I am getting a little of here... more on that later.

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