Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday's Funnies

Jim and Deb were walking hand in hand one muggy June night. They were headed to a secluded area they had used for clandestine encounters under the stars, and were excited at the prospect of an evening of sweaty, sticky sex.

Suddenly, a bright light came from above them, and they found themselves being pulled up and into an alien space craft. A male and female humanoid greeted them and told them not to fear anything. They were explorers as well as lovers, and they detected a strong amount of sexual pheromones being released by Jim and Deb. Curious about human sexuality, they offered to give the couple 200 pounds of pure gold in exchange for swapping partners. Figuring they had nothing to lose, they agreed.

Deb went with the male to a padded chamber where they proceeded to undress, revealing that the male had a diminutive sexual organ. Deb confided that the organ wouldn't do much to show the alien about human sexual arousal, to which the male smiled and put a finger in his right ear. He twisted his finger and slowly his penis got longer, but was still thin. Understanding the look on Deb's face, the alien put his finger in his left ear. Twisting it, his penis increased in girth until it was the perfect size for Deb.

Having extremely satisfying sex for hours, they returned to the main room where she found the female with Jim. Saying goodbye, they dropped the couple back where they picked them up. Walking back home, Jim asked Deb how the experience was. She told him that it was quite physically satisfying, and asked how his was.

Jim said, "It was good and all, but I was distracted: She kept playing with my ears!"

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