Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nova Scotia

Here after dubbed:


We are going here in about a month. The hubs friend lives in Collingwood Corner. I hear it will be blueberry picken time.

Bit O tivia

The hubs friends wifes first husbands family invented the blueberry picker... they use it to pick cranberries also. (how many "s" can you pack into one sentence?)

Did you know the Blueberry plant turns red after being harvested? Weird ey?
I think so.

So this weekend I will pull all the camera gear out, check batteries, inventory and order film to start getting ready for this trip. Yes, I will fall back on the trusty ol' 35mm and slide film. The hub has a digital, (small but takes quite good pics). One day I will graduate to a good digital but not yet...

More updates on THE TRIP and the other things we plan to see and do as things progress forward!

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