Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Meet David Tobe Yarbrough, my Great Grandfather..

He just appeared from heaven one day with a boom!
Not really, but he is the brick wall for those of us on the Yarbrough side. He had parents of course and brothers, (not sure about sisters) and according to him he was born in Florence, Alabama, April 27th, 1865. He died in Fort Worth Texas, March 8, 1938.
Whatever happened with his family started in 1905, when his fisrt wife Laura died. My grandmother (from his second wife, Nannie) really didn't know much about his family herself. Apparently her dad would not talk about it. He married his second wife, Nannie Mae Brazell(sp) July 3, 1915. She was married before to a Weshellison(sp) and had one son Euel(sp). At least that is what the 1920 Census says his name is and if you have done any research, you know that is always open to interpretation! He had one son, Charlie, that was kidnapped by a couple helping him tend the kids after Nannie Mae died. More on Charlie in the future...

Also I know he worked for the city of Fort Worth before he died and I have found him in the 1920 and 1930 Census. I am hoping someone, sometime in the future will search his name on the net and find me!

So please bare with me through these weekly posts!
Some of them will be where anyone can enjoy from either their entertaining careers, or weird ways.

Stand by for those!

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