Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My grandmothers clock

It's a beautiful, old, chime wall clock, about 2 foot tall. Shiny black case, with white face and black old script type of numbers. The hands are black and sort of ornate. The pendulum is silver and shows through clear glass with silver trim. It hasn't run in years.

I got the clock when my grandmother passed away oh so many years ago. She was my rock. I put it on the wall in my home in Texas where it did run for a while. Until that fateful day I decided tomove to Florida. I packed it carefully in a box amongst pillows and 2 really soft coats that I had. I wrote all over the box in bold black letters..





In Florida it never really got unpacked, but I had the box in a special secure place. Every once in a while I would look in the box and check on it. Yep, it was still OK.

So a little over a year ago I moved to North Carolina. After I got all settled in, I got the clock out and to my dismay it didn't run. I took the clock to a jewelers that works on old clocks. They asked to keep it and would give me a call with the estimates of repairs. About a week later the jeweler called and asked me if the clock had been in water, I said “No, but I just moved here from Florida.”, he laughed and responded with a “Enough said, humidity equals rust, that explains it.” And a “Repairs will be $150.”
I swallowed and said “OK!”
So last Friday they are finally done with the clock and I went to get it after work. I hung it back up in the kitchen. Wound it a bit and started it up.
I finally got to bed Friday night, the hub already asleep. I laid down, settled in under the covers when I heard it. That familiar tick tock of my grandmothers clock and I had forgotten what a nice chime it had.
I was suddenly and quickly awash with memories, emotions, smells even. All of my grandmother, her cooking and sleeping over at her house. I could have sworn she was right there.
It was strangely comforting.
I slept so good Friday night......

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