Sunday, February 13, 2005

A creative bone...

I was looking at an old clock that I have in the bathroom and got to daydreaming about a Mixed media photography picture I wanted to do. There is was a really great barn just down from me, I believe I have wrote about it before. It was the Loflin's barn, and had been there since about 1870.

They burned it down much to my dismay...

The historical society couldn't save it. Money couldn't save it. I wish you could have gone in it with me. It was unbelievable...See me shaking my head...

So that lead to my recent daydreaming. I wanted to portray time passing, old things that should stay around don't, and, well you get the picture..(pun)

I got an old barn wood frame about 18 X 24. I used colored glass beads of brown and 2 shades of green and glued them to the outside frame glass as a tree growing on the left side. (There was a tree, on the left. It is gone now too.) I also printed 3 smaller color shots, one of the silos, one of the unique round room attached and one of what was left after the burning. I am using parts of a broken clock in it also.

Ironically, what was left is gone now too. Condos are going in. I guess they don't need trees and or a really unique building at the entrance.

So anyway, I took a black and white slide I had taken early one morning when I first heard they where going to burn it, and tried a couple of different developments. I chose the one I did as to me and the hub it sort of evoked a "ghost of"

Look below, what do you think?

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