Monday, February 27, 2006

Cukes and Onions

The hub and I both like to cook and at first this diet was really trying us. Being the "country folk" we are, everything was fried, or sauteed in real butter, or smothered in... well you get the picture..
So now we experiment with herbs (no salt or minimal salt), I can't believe it's not butter.... spray.. And yes I can believe it is not butter..
Anyway, we decided to try cucumbers and onions in vinegar and splenda. (Now that's some expensive shit! Splenda that is) First we try to decide how much of it to use in lue of regular sugar... The package said "This box equivalent to 2 lbs of sugar" but also says measure the same as sugar. I am thinking not just no but HELL NO! not at that price!
so we settle on 1/2 cup to 1 cup of vinegar.. I measure the splenda out, careful to not loose a lite puff of it and dump it in the mixing bowl. The hub measures the vinegar and pours it in and states, "WHOA! We have a reaction here." The splenda and vinegar made quite the foam! We pour it over the cucumbers and onions and let it marinade overnight. Tonight we sampled it. It was pretty good but I couldn't help envisioning the foaming concoction we made the night before and wondering if in a minute or two I would grab my throat and start gasping for air.
Ah the joys of chemistry and cooking!
I locked the splenda back in the safe too..

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