Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

So I missed a Friday's Funny or 2.. WOW how time flies.

How was your turkey day?

Mine was great. The Hub has Pnemonia (sp) now. Go figure. We went to one of those walk in weekend clinics today. What a great invention! I remember when I was little, if you got sick on the weekend, you either suffered, or paid out your bleeep to get any relief. Needless to say, we suffered a lot! LOL

Anyway, now that I have instant grandchildren (another great invention) I take pleasure in teaching them the joys and wonders of life, like...

Rediwhip in the can...

Amanda wasn't to pleased with me, but oh well, that is my perogative..

Please click here on Flickr and enjoy!

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