Thursday, May 05, 2005

How can this be right??

So, I got a ticket. A speeding ticket.
I admit I was speeding, I saw the cop, looked down and I was doing 70.
He turned on his lights, I pulled over on a side street as I was on a smaller 2 lane road.
The cop turns around but doesn't pull in behind me. I am thinking "What the he**"

Another cop appears and pulls in behind me. Where the heck did he come from?

He comes up to the window and says he has stopped me for speeding.

I never speed, you can ask the hub. I have no idea why I was this day. Other things on my mind I guess. I am thinking I will be nice maybe he either won't give me a ticket or see I haven't had any in years and give me a warning, (last ticket I got was in Texas when I lived there).

He tells me the "other" cop clocked me at 70 but he clocked me at 78.

Again, I am thinking "What the F**"!

I get a ticket, for 78, and he didn't even have me sign the ticket. In Texas you have to sign it, as it isn't an admission of guilt, just that you acknowledge you where cited and agree to dispute or show up for court.

The hub says in NC that doesn't apply.

Still seems a bit off and wrong to me... 2 different speeds, not having to sign it..

The hub wants to get a Lawyer and fight it, which is OK by me...

What up with that??

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