Thursday, December 01, 2005

Creative Writing Challenge

I would like to try something new. Once a week, more than likely on Thursdays, I am going to post a creative writing challenge for myself. Give myself the weekend to work on it and post the results the following week. If the challenge so suits you, add it to your blog and also e-mail me when you post your results and I will place links to your creative writing results for all of us to share.

This week freeze a moment in time and describe in sensory vivid detail (5 senses).
First, write a paragraph about a memory in your life, “The First Day in America.” Now, focus in on a key moment- stepping off the plane. What did you hear, see, smell, feel, and/or taste?- …as I stepped off the plane the cold wind pinched my cheeks and a voice on the loud speaker sounded like he was telling everyone I had arrived… Relive that moment.


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